Press Release
Fouriertransform, the state venture capital company, has invested further in CeDe Group AB and will now become the new majority owner of CeDe. CeDe faces an expansion after several tough years with a very weak market. The market is now recovering and the company’s key customers in the construction, mining and steel industries signal increased volumes.
CeDe Group develops and manufactures proprietary customizations of heavy vehicles and machinery. The company provides solutions to many of the leading Swedish industrial companies. The transaction strengthens Cedes balance sheet, this enables the company to meet the growing demand from its key customers and enables long term development.
“CeDe has over a long time built a unique development and production expertise in the heavy machinery which has made the company a renowned partner for its key customers. The company is now entering a new phase and need long-term stability which is now possible through Fouriertransform “says Per Nordberg CEO Fouriertransform. “The company has gone through a tough period with a very weak market. The company has been in this tough market and managed to maintain its customer base and added a number of new customers. With Fouriertransform as new long-term principal owner it’s now possible to work with partners and suppliers to meet the increased volumes of what our clients indicates. “Says Fredrik Jönsson Acting President of Cede Group.
For further information: Per Nordberg, CEO of Fouriertransform AB, +46 8 410 40 601 Carl Backman, Chairman of Cede Group, Investment Director, Fouriertransform AB, +46 703 979005 Fredrik Jönsson, Acting President Cede Group, +46 705 171626