The CeDe Advantage

Our motto ”Increasing usability” reflects our desire to offer enhanced customer value in the form of increased use of machines, increased productivity and environmental effects. Customer values that strengthen our customers’ competitiveness and thus their market position.

These advantages – based on our quality and our holistic approach – as well as our technical and production skills, have established ourselves as one of the leading companies in our niche.

From product development to serial production

CeDe Group offers broad expertise, experience and commitment in all of our business areas. We work with everything from feasibility studies, new ideas, innovation and concept design to construction, testing, prototyping, documentation and single to serial production.

Tailored holistic approach

Prior to the missions we put together tailor-made team of specialists who together create innovative solutions with a focus on the entire chain, from the feasibility study to production. A holistic approach which in many cases means that the time from draft to production can be shortened by several months. Seeing a new solution develop, from concept to prototype and finally finished product, is exciting and satisfying every time.

Under the same roof

We have gathered all our functions under the same roof, and on a surface area of about 7000 m², near the port of Malmö.

Knowledge and understanding

Working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment, mining and offshore is something we are very proud of. We have a great understanding of our customers’ requirements, as well as the complexity and industry requirements for each assignment. Our organization – shaped to effectively interact with our clients’ product development function – trimmed regularly so that we are always able to take total responsibility for the missions.