CR145 RAIL is basically an off-road excavator that has been adapted to allow it to work on rails. The machine is a type 9A machine which means that it is supported on rail wheels and driven by these on rails, but driven by its original crawler track on the ground. To make the machine flexible the system has been developed so that the driver can switch between rail and track operation directly from the cab.

To increase its versatility the system has been designed to allow a railway trolley to be coupled behind the excavator. The powerful hydraulic motors, together with four-wheel drive, result in a tractive power and braking capacity that are more than enough to pull a railway trolley.

During operation the driver can switch between high speed and low speed. By selecting high speed, other functions that require a high hydraulic flow can be operated at a reasonable speed while the unit is travelling, without this consuming a large proportion of the hydraulic pump flow, thus starving other functions of power.