L90H – L120H RAIL



The wheel loader is primarily intended for road and off-road work but has been adapted to allow it to work on rails. When the machine is operating on rail track the normal rubber wheels are utilised to drive it, while the rail wheels keep the machine on the track.

A wheel loader equipped with rail wheels is the perfect machine for loading and unloading trucks at laydown areas, and carrying material and concrete elements from a laydown area to the worksite along the rail track. For heavy lifts two machines can carry out a tandem lift which in-creases versatility when handling heavy loads.

During the summer months, when vegetation is thriving, the machine can also be used for clearing undergrowth along the railway. When winter has arrived and snow is falling, the machine can also be used with a brush mounted for snow clearance on platforms and sidings.

When the machine is to be used for railway work it is driven up onto the railway track where the rail wheels can be brought into contact hydraulically from the driver’s cab. Because the wheel loader uses its own rubber wheels to propel the machine forward the distribution of weight between the normal wheels and rail wheels is important. Because of this a rail contact pressure system is fitted.

The machine can work on sections of line with overhead lines because it is equipped with a safety system that limits vertical movement. This can also be supplemented with a system that limits vertical the tilt function of the attachment bracket when working with tools that extend out from the loading unit.