EWR150E RAIL is basically an excavator on wheels that has been adapted to work on rails. This machine is a Category 9B machine which means the machine operates in an elevated position when on the track. The rail wheels are driven by the ordinary rubber wheels.

One of the axles for the rail wheels is oscillating at transport and locked when digging. The other rail wheel axle is rigid and equipped with a parallell mechanical attachement bracket. The machine can be operated in two modes, "High Rail" or "Low Rail". When digging "Low Rail" offers better stability especially when the rail is canted.

The rear rail wheels are equipped with a negative parking brake. There are also spring cylinders fitted that can be removed when towing. On the rear rail cassette an attachement bracket is fitted as close to the rail wheels as possible. The bracket has a mechanical lock. There are also chockvalves fitted on the rail cassette (minus side) to avoid overloading the axle when there is a cargo. The attachement bracket is equipped with tilt cylinders. The rail wheels comes with mud guards as standard.