Quality & Environment

Within CeDe Group we place the utmost importance on both quality and the environment. Our proprietary products, with their unique properties, often provide positive effects on the environment. Furthermore, we are DNV and Swedac certified under ISO 14001 and continuously work with our internal environmental work.
We have a constant focus on quality throughout our value chain. Using proprietary methods and processes, we can quickly and efficiently design, develop and construct products with full technical documentation. We are DNV and Swedac certified under ISO 9001 and have ISO 3834-2 certification for welding.


Our Quality and Environmental Policy

CeDe Group will develop and produce products with the goal to be the European leader for specialized machinery and products for special applications. Development and production is carried out in such way that it contributes to a healthy environment.

We achieve this by:

See the big picture and get a system to work properly.

Building commitment and teamwork.

Create value.

Minimize waste in all forms.

Produce quality at every step and work with continuous improvements.

Base the environmental work on a holistic approach that includes all activities within the organization.

Involve suppliers, contractors and consultants in environmental work.

Integrating environmental activities across the business, improve continuously through formulation and communication that follow defined goals.

Involve ALL THE employees in environmental work.
Operations are conducted so that material and energy consumption are optimized, waste generation is minimized and waste management facilitated.

We, who are in the business, comply with applicable laws and regulations within the environmental field.

Each manager is responsible for the employees involved in quality and environmental work and the quality and environmental policy is known within their own department.

Every employee affects our ability to meet quality and environmental policy. We must therefore invest in regular staff training to increase skills within the company.